Hi-Lo Adjustable Beds
Hi Lo Adjustable Beds

Hi Lo Adjustable Beds

Beds that raise lower have made an important difference in the disability industry. Often referred to as hi lo adjustable beds, they promote independence, provide comfort and safety and an overall better quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Here are some ways that hi lo adjustable beds address the unique needs of those who use them:

  • Having the ability to customise sleeping positions is beneficial and helps reduce discomfort.
  • For those with limited mobility, hi lo adjustable beds offer increased independence. The ability to raise and lower the bed makes it easier to get in and out of bed without the assistance of caregivers.
  • Additionally, caregivers benefit from hi lo adjustable beds. Having the ability to position the bed makes it easier to administer treatments and perform daily activities such as feeding and changing.
  • Most hi lo adjustable beds are fitted with castors which allows individuals and caregivers to move the bed around with ease.

Overall, hi lo adjustable beds have made it easier for individuals with disabilities to receive comfortable care at home, ultimately providing a more comfortable and familiar environment. They have enabled many individuals to lead a more dignified life while managing their unique challenges.

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