Adjustable beds have multiple features to help aid comfort and mobility.
Head and Foot Lift
Most adjustable beds have the capability to raise and lower the head and foot sections for your comfort. Pressing the head up or foot up buttons on the hand controller adjusts them to the desired height. These customised positions can assist with sleep complications and provide major health benefits.
Zero Gravity
Zero gravity is a pre-set position provided on some modern adjustable beds that imitate astronauts when in space. Along with various other health benefits, this position takes pressure off the spine by raising the head and knees slightly higher than the heart.
Trendelenburg is a medical term that refers to a specific body position where the head is positioned lower than the feet. In the Trendelenburg position, the body is inclined at an angle of approximately 15 to 30 degrees, with the feet elevated above the head. It’s important to note that the Trendelenburg position should be used under the guidance and supervision of qualified healthcare professionals.
Hi-Lo / Lo Lo
The Hi-Lo/ Lo-Lo function allows an adjustable bed to adjust higher or lower making it easier to get in or out of the bed. With the Lo-Lo function, the base has the ability to go right down to the ground. This is mostly beneficial to users in a wheelchair as it makes transferring into bed much easier.
Pre-set Positions
In addition to zero gravity or adjustable head and foot positions, pre-set positions are also a common function on adjustable beds. This gives you the ability to save your favourite ideal positions offering optimal flexible resting positions.
Increasing blood supply, triggering tissue stimulation, and promoting the release of endorphins, the massage function proves to be extremely beneficial and frequently used. There are usually various levels of massage intensities.
Wireless Hand Control
Making it easy to control the bed from anywhere in the room, the wireless hand control proves to be a popular feature. This feature does not only benefit the user but is extremely helpful for the carer and eliminates a potential trip hazard.
Allowing you to control the bed through an application on your phone, the Bluetooth function is a popular extra. These days, it is very common to always have your phone in hand, making the Bluetooth function a convenient way to control the bed.
USB Ports
USB ports prove to be extremely convenient allowing you the ability to charge your phone, or any USB charged device from the comfort of your own bed. This is especially beneficial for people on bed rest as it eliminates the need to move any distance to charge a device.
LED Under-bed Lighting
Providing a safe way around the room at night, LED under-bed lighting is a commonly used, incredibly helpful feature. With a press of a button, the under-bed lighting can be controlled, aiding not only you, but also carers.
Extra Long Bed Size
Being tall creates numerous hurdles. Some retailers offer an extra long bed, hoping to eliminate one of these hurdles and allow you to sleep easier knowing your bed is the perfect size for you.
Battery Back-up
Battery back-up supports the bed during any power outage or emergency situation, bringing it back to a suitable position.
With the help of castors, adjustable beds can be moved around any room with ease. Retailers will offer a range of different sizes. The larger castors are designed so a hoist can still fit underneath the bed, clearly aiding mobility.