Bedside Grab Rails and Poles
A bedside grab rail and bedside pole can be incredibly helpful in assisting you to move in and out of bed, providing a stable rail to help gain your balance. A grab rail usually comes with a fabric pocket, helpful for keeping our possessions nearby without having to get out of bed.
Rail Kits
A rail kit bolts into both sides of the bed and uses a simple collapsible mechanism for a smooth transfer in or out of bed. Having the rails up while sleeping reduce the risk of falling or rolling out of bed, alongside helping to keep any bedding from falling.
Bedside Assistance
A free-standing patient helper is lightweight, sturdy, and incredibly simple to assemble and use. It fits beneath the bed and provides stable overhead support for those who struggle to pull themselves up to a seated position.
Legs & Castors
With the help of castors, adjustable beds can be moved around any room with ease. They are usually available in a range of different sizes. Larger castors are designed so a hoist can fit underneath the bed, clearly aiding your mobility.